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Symfony2, DBAL, Doctrine2: create SQL IN Operator from PHP array

$aAccountCode = array(‘blabla1’, ‘accouncode1111’); $oDBALConnection = $this->get(‘database_connection’); $stmt = $oDBALConnection->executeQuery(‘SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE resource_name IN (?)’, array($aAccountCode), array(\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection::PARAM_STR_ARRAY) ); $stmt->execute(); $aAccountID = $stmt->fetchAll( \PDO::FETCH_COLUMN);

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jqgrid, Symfony2 – how we can process data from jqgrid searchbox

The jqgrid send filtered data in this format: ?_search=true&filters=&nd=1332250471208&page=1&rows=20&searchField=emailAddress&searchOper=eq& if we want to process we can use such method: $oQ0 = $repository->createQueryBuilder(‘p’) ->orderBy(‘p.fieldname’, ‘ASC’]); if ( ($tmp = $request->get(‘_search’)) && ($tmp == “true”) && $request->get(‘searchField’) ) { $searchField = $request->get(‘searchField’); … Continue reading

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