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Symfony2: simple JavaScript routing with Assetic and HTML5 data Attributes

Simple example HTML5 code: <div id=”gallery” data-rollover_on=”{{ asset(‘bundles/testprojecttestbundle/images/play_button_on.png’) }}” data-rollover_off=”{{ asset(‘bundles/testprojecttestbundle/images/play_button_off.png’) }}”> …</div> JavaScript (JQuery): var rollover_play_off = mainjQuery(‘div[id=”gallery”]’).attr(‘data-rollover_off’); var rollover_play_on = mainjQuery(‘div[id=”gallery”]’).attr(‘data-rollover_on’); var original_image = ‘url(‘+rollover_play_off+’)’; var second_image = ‘url(‘+rollover_play_on+’)’;

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Symfony2: assetic, rewriting image paths in CSS

Twig template: {% block stylesheets %} {{ parent() }} {% stylesheets filter=’cssrewrite’ output=’css/*.css’ ‘bundles/testcompanytestbundle/css/*’ %} <link href=”{{ asset_url }}” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” /> {% endstylesheets %} {% endblock %} Console commands: php app/console assets:install web/ php app/console –env=prod assetic:dump CSS example … Continue reading

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Facebook API: Like button event problem (FB.Event.subscribe(‘edge.create’…)

Original problem: FB API edge.create method not fired on Like with URL different from current page. Bug link: I’ve solved the problem. You have to use the url_like table: //Facebook API – Unlike event. FB.Event.subscribe(‘edge.remove’, function(response) { console.log(‘uid’,uid); var … Continue reading

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PHP: how to query sharing and likeing count from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

/** * * @param string $content_url */ public static function getFacebookShareCount( $content_url=” ) { if ($content_url == ”) return 0; $result = array(); $url = “;.urlencode($content_url); $xml = file_get_contents($url); $xml = simplexml_load_string($xml); $result[‘share’] = (int)$xml->link_stat->share_count; $result[‘like’] = (int)$xml->link_stat->like_count; $result[‘comment_count’] = … Continue reading

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Symfony 1.x – simple directory name validator

/** * validate directory path * example: /path/dir1/dir2 – it is valid * path/dir2/dir2 – it is invalid */ $this->setValidator(‘proxy_folder’, new sfValidatorRegex( array( ‘pattern’ => ‘#^(/[^/]+)+$#’, ‘required’ => false ), array(‘invalid’ => ‘Invalid prefix “Folder name” field must begin /’) … Continue reading

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