Symfony2: The CRUD problem.

This blog post will be short and quick. 🙂 I was testing some Symfony2 CRUD and Admin bundles:

The result of the tests? 🙂 Well, I don’t want to write negative things. So, I am only writing that I don’t want to use these bundles because each of them has more problems, bugs and are undocumented or its documentation was out of date, false etc.
I realized that useful, well-designed and  well-maintained external Symfony2 CRUD generator or “Admin module” doesn’t exist or if it exist I didn’t find it… 🙂

I think one of the strength of Symfony 1.x was that it had very professional internal admin generator. I guess Symfony2 and Zend are the best PHP frameworks (but my favourite is Symfony2) but I think without CRUD generator Symfony2 doesn’t as good as would be with it.

Solution? I think at the moment the best CRUD generator for Symfony2 is SensioGeneratorBundle and the best solution is that if you extend it and you create on your own CRUD or admin app. The SensioGeneratorBundle generate very clean and simple code and easy to extend.

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