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Google Go version 1 was released yesterday

Google announced Go version 1. This is the first release of Go which is available in binary distributions (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows). Download here:, Introductions: You can read the official announce here:

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jqgrid, Symfony2 – how we can process data from jqgrid searchbox

The jqgrid send filtered data in this format: ?_search=true&filters=&nd=1332250471208&page=1&rows=20&searchField=emailAddress&searchOper=eq& if we want to process we can use such method: $oQ0 = $repository->createQueryBuilder(‘p’) ->orderBy(‘p.fieldname’, ‘ASC’]); if ( ($tmp = $request->get(‘_search’)) && ($tmp == “true”) && $request->get(‘searchField’) ) { $searchField = $request->get(‘searchField’); … Continue reading

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XjanCrudGeneratorBundle – extra Symfony2 CRUD generator

I have made an extra Symfony2 CRUD generator, you can try it: is the very beta version! Some features:– javaScript grid (Flexigrid) – paging, filtering, configurable with YAML file– create new entry– delete (multiselect)– filters (configurable)– it support the … Continue reading

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Symfony2, Doctrine – get the primary key field name in controller

If you need the primary key name in the Symfony2 controller you can get in this way: public function setGridDataAction(Request $request) { $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getEntityManager(); $meta = $em->getClassMetadata(‘AcmeTestBundle:TestTable’); $sPrimaryKeyName =$meta->getSingleIdentifierFieldName(); //get primary key name $aAllField = $meta->getFieldNames(); //get all field … Continue reading

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How to connect to MySQL via C# (MVC application) – step by step

Step 1.You have to install MySQL Connector: (important: here select the latest version of MySQL connector!) Step 2.Add reference to your project: MySql.Data Step 3.You have to add this namespace: using MySql.Data.MySqlClient; Test code: public ActionResult TestReadMySQL() { string … Continue reading

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SQL.js: native SQLite in JavaScript

Demo page: SQL.js GitHub page: It is very interesting and demonstrative ūüėČ

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