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Silex & Twitter Botstrap

Silex: “Silex is a PHP microframework for PHP 5.3. It is built on the shoulders of Symfony2 and Pimple and also inspired by sinatra.” Twitter Boostrap: “Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.” 🙂 The … Continue reading

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Symfony2: My Form Type Class generator

Symfony2 has a Doctrine Form Generator. It is work properly but it always needs Entity as a parameter and it only generates one Form Type Class at the same time.I’ve rebuild the generator. My generator supports bulk form generation and … Continue reading

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Symfony2: How to generate new form type class?

Generate test bundle: php app/console generate:bundle –namespace=Acme/TestBundle –format=yml Mapping databse, generate entities: php app/console doctrine:mapping:convert yml ./src/Acme/TestBundle/Resources/config/doctrine/metadata/orm –from-database –force php app/console doctrine:mapping:import AcmeTestBundle annotation php app/console doctrine:generate:entities AcmeTestBundle Generate form type class (I used FosUSerBundle db tables in this example): … Continue reading

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Symfony2: simple JavaScript routing with Assetic and HTML5 data Attributes

Simple example HTML5 code: <div id=”gallery” data-rollover_on=”{{ asset(‘bundles/testprojecttestbundle/images/play_button_on.png’) }}” data-rollover_off=”{{ asset(‘bundles/testprojecttestbundle/images/play_button_off.png’) }}”> …</div> JavaScript (JQuery): var rollover_play_off = mainjQuery(‘div[id=”gallery”]’).attr(‘data-rollover_off’); var rollover_play_on = mainjQuery(‘div[id=”gallery”]’).attr(‘data-rollover_on’); var original_image = ‘url(‘+rollover_play_off+’)’; var second_image = ‘url(‘+rollover_play_on+’)’;

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Symfony2: assetic, rewriting image paths in CSS

Twig template: {% block stylesheets %} {{ parent() }} {% stylesheets filter=’cssrewrite’ output=’css/*.css’ ‘bundles/testcompanytestbundle/css/*’ %} <link href=”{{ asset_url }}” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” /> {% endstylesheets %} {% endblock %} Console commands: php app/console assets:install web/ php app/console –env=prod assetic:dump CSS example … Continue reading

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Symfony2, DBAL, Doctrine2: create SQL IN Operator from PHP array

$aAccountCode = array(‘blabla1’, ‘accouncode1111’); $oDBALConnection = $this->get(‘database_connection’); $stmt = $oDBALConnection->executeQuery(‘SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE resource_name IN (?)’, array($aAccountCode), array(\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection::PARAM_STR_ARRAY) ); $stmt->execute(); $aAccountID = $stmt->fetchAll( \PDO::FETCH_COLUMN);

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Symfony2 command line and Doctrine

<?php namespace ProjectName\TestBundle\Command; use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Command\ContainerAwareCommand; use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputArgument; use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface; use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface; use PDO; class TestCommand extends ContainerAwareCommand { protected $em = NULL; protected function configure() { $this ->setName(‘testcommandlineapp’) ->setDescription(‘Blabla’) ->setDefinition(array()); } protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) { $output->writeln( ‘Working…’ … Continue reading

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