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Compound.js + Backbone.js + doT.js

I like the minimalist and clean solutions and I always look for something like this… hmm, for example doT.js. It is really cool JS template engine. It is quick and small, and user friendly. So, the Backbone.js is very popular framework. It … Continue reading

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Compound.js – file uploading

The file uploading process (upload, remove uploaded file etc.) is easy with Node.js and Compound.js. I used ejs template engine and Ubuntu Linux. 1. I added two new routing into the routes.js: map.get(‘upload_form’, ‘upload_controller#upload_form’); map.post(‘upload_file’, ‘upload_controller#upload_file’); 2. I added into … Continue reading

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Compound.js: Controller, Routing and simple Ajax request

I created one simple sample app that shows  how Compound.js controllers and routings workings. First you should create new controller with the controller generator: compound g controller fruits show profile ajax_get_profile This command will generate new controller class and methods … Continue reading

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Zombie.JS (the brilliant testing tool) and PHP

“Zombie.js is a lightweight framework for testing client-side JavaScript code in a simulated environment. No browser required.” Source: http://zombie.labnotes.org/ I think this quote is absolutely true. I’d like to show some examples how you can use Zombie.js and PHP together. You will need … Continue reading

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