Install Composer + Twig for Windows 8

I use Wamp server and I had a problem with installing Composer. I have found this solution:
You should enable php_openssl in the Wamp menu. After this you could open the php.ini and set ON the allow_url_fopen. So. After this restart the Wamp Server and open the command line:

 php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"  

Then you should enable php_phar extension in the Wamp Server menu.

After the Wamp restart you should create a composer.json file:

   "require": {  
     "twig/twig": "1.*"  

…and install the Twig:

 php composer.phar install  

I hope it will work… 🙂

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2 Responses to Install Composer + Twig for Windows 8

  1. kenn says:

    great help here. One question. where do you create the composer.json file?

    • janosvajda says:


      So, for instance your www root is C:\wamp\www

      1.You should create for instance dir C:\wamp\wwww\test_twig and after creating you should put your composer file here.

      2. You should install here composer.phar, as well. After that you just need to run command:
      “php composer.phar install”. It should create on directory by name


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